Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the Stars."

If you have ever been in front of my camera you know this is something that I do. I will always present a before and after image from the shoot.

In this case these two images represent what different light and color toning can do to an image.  
This is a single light setup, shot with the same lens and camera. As a note she has the same makeup on in the both images.

I put this information out here for you to demonstrate when you are researching a photographer to do you work make sure he/she is taking the time to produce the best images possible for you.  

My concentration is headshot, fashion and portrait photography. 

I am not one of those "all in one" photographers, specializing in weddings, events, kids, sports teams, cake smash(whatever that is) etc, rushing you through a shoot, throwing a few images on a disc and sending you on your merry way.  There are plenty of those out there to choose from too.  And no one can "specialize" in every aspect of this business. (And yes this is a business)

Think of it this way if you have a cavity your not headed to an eye doctor, your going to a person that specializes in cavities. The same with photography if you want portraits/headshots done for your professional website, modeling portfolio or senior school year, do you want a "cake smash" specialist capturing those images?

Also, the subject and photographer MUST connect! The picture on the left was the third image in a series of 150 images we took that day.  She had never been in front of my camera, and I had never met her until she walked in the studio door.  So that level of anxiety on both the model and the photographers part exists.  But with simple instruction and conversation both parties feel more at ease and the shoot can flow.

I get to work with people of all shapes and sizes daily. The best advice I ever got from a mentor of mine was make sure the client feels better leaving than when they walked in the door.  
That is my goal with every shoot. Whether it's an actor, model, business professional or high school senior.  I want them leaving feeling better about themselves when they walk out my door.

A talented client of mine posted a picture she drew yesterday that said "Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."
I've heard that before, it's such a wise and eye opening quote.  

I'm not shy in saying this I am working hard to be the premiere portrait photographer in my area and with great clients past, present and future.  That goal will be met!